Re: tarology updates and a few reminders...

tongue exercise:

I listened to a ham but no
music came out

it still is the finest

throw up butterflies

a butterfly is a form worth knowing

the antonymous of 'stone'
a hand spanking monkeys

throw in a blender:

two letters e
three letters i
three letters o
one letter c
three letters d
one letter l
two letters r
one letter s
one letter t
one letter z


Deodorized clitoris cried
Idol stir
Orzo elicited red idiots
Colorized, sliced, iodized
Rotor distill odor zero
Idolized or rots

tarology forecast: valet despees

high: peeled stave

low: pedestal Eve

scattered storms at Michael Hurst’s blog ( ... alian.html )

tarology update:

a conversation with Karen Mahony ( ... en-mahony/ )
What’s honeymoon salad? Lettuce alone
Don’t look now, mayonnaise is dressing!


tongue exercise:

for the anagrammatist, an alphabet is a paupers’ boneyard
(preys upon a beard)

a tarot spread is a type of anagram
anagramming the tarot permutes the hierarchy of trumps
rearranging a row of images to produce a new row of images
a dexterous anagrammatist produce anagrams that mirror it’s subject

Bucket full of hammers

Hulk baffles commuter,
mothballs fume becalms
fretful hokum, muffle
blackest humor.

Mackerel bluffs mouth
flu mumble aftershock, hammerlock,
blue stuff,
mustache fumbler folk,

Temblor shuffle offtrack,
mules fuck a slothful member
a rebuffs
hummock tell musk
troll became huff.

NOTE: Sometimes I would say LE FOU. Sometimes I would say THE FOOL. Sometimes I would say ALOOF. Sometimes I would say LO! OAF. In either case, the notation is just a name for a reality expressed on a physical plane.

tarology forecast: Lestoille (See It Loll)

there is a chance that the drops won't let you enjoy the rain

tarology update:

a conversation with Brian Hallyday ( ... -halliday/)

a conversation with Lena Ruth Stefanovic ( ... tefanovic/)

tarology announcements:

I will be in Miami towards the end of July

On Thursday, July 29, at 8:00 p.m. I will be giving a demonstration in Tarocchi Appropriati by revisiting Italo Calvino ‘Castle of Crosssed Destinies’ at Books&Books

On Friday, July, 30th and Sunday August 1st I will be giving short readings at Books&Books café.

On Saturday, July 31st I will be giving a workshop: “Embodied tarot, When Medieval Draftsmanship mirrors cognitive science”, also at Books&Books.

For information please call: 305.442.4408

If you are interested in a private reading with me, send me an e-mail (enrique.eenriquez at
What’s honeymoon salad? Lettuce alone
Don’t look now, mayonnaise is dressing!