New Tarot Revelation Never Released Before: Apokalypto 993 - decryption key of the Tarot of Marseille

Dear all,

allow me to bring to your attention to Apokalypto 993. In this work an analysis of the ancient Italian tarots and the Marseilles tarots is made, through a decoding key never revealed before, diagram 993. Through this diagram we recomposed the authentic order of the Marseilles tarot, opening the doors of the correct interpretation, so far deviated by many theories and suggestions. Apokalypto 993, arose from a mystical experience. Diagram 993 is the mystical key that
transports us into pure devotional experience, made possible by the understanding of images beyond the veil of illusions and appearances, bringing out the vital aspect. The Major Arcana, arranged according to the correct diagram handed down, will not only reveal knowledge, but will also show us the way to reach it by restoring harmony between our thoughts, removing the many layers of lies that prevented us from seeing and perceiving the Truth.
The allegories present in the Major Arcana therefore belong to a figurative repertoire usual in our medieval West, found in the frescoes of cathedrals, in those of public buildings and in the encyclopedic and astrological treatises of that time. In practice, the figures present in the Tarot cards are configured as a real Biblia Pauperum, that is, a "Bible of the Poor". Through the playful use of cards, people drew directly from these, a knowledge of Christian mysticism and its contents, concepts that were continually sent back to the mind, thereby supporting a method linked to Ars Memoriae (Art of Memory). In fact, the arcana are images and archetypes that have always been present in the collective human consciousness and crystallized in the various versions of the tarot cards that have followed one another throughout history. These images communicate deep within our minds by transcending verbal language and printed letters. Diagram 993 represents the only decoding key capable of bringing out the vital aspect of tarot cards that thus become passwords capable of opening the doors of truth hidden in our minds.
Beyond these words, you will notice that only in diagram 993 do the cards fit together and convey their true meaning to us, leading us back to their true origin.
Enjoy the reading...
Alejandro Aton
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