Tarology updated, with Ginny Hunt...

la conspiration alphabétique
(an infallible method to reveal the name of a future husband, wife, or partner)

a = Ace de Deniers

b = Le Bateleur

c = La Pances* (La Papesse)

d = Imperatris

e = Ace de Epees

f = Lempereur

g = Le Pape

h = Lamoureu

i = Le Fol

j = Le Charior

k = Iustice

l = Lermite

m = La Roue de Fortun

n = Force

o = Ace de Baton

p = Le Pandu

q = (Arcane sans nom)

r = Temperance

s = Le Diable

t = La Maison Dieu

u = Ace de Coupes

v = Le Toille

w = La Lune

x = Le Soleil

y = Le Judgement

z = Le Monde


shuffle the deck (only the trumps plus the four aces) and pull from four to eight cards.

using the above table of correspondences, translate the card's sequence into letters.

put all those letter together, creating a word.

read the word

plan a: these random words will contain an actual name.

plan b: making anagrams of these words you will find another word whose sound, etymology or meaning will lead you to a name.

look for a person with that name

marry that person


Le Fol (i) + Le Pandu (p) + Ace de Deniers (a) + La Rove de Fortun (m) + Lamoureu (h) = ipamh

Ipamh = I, Pam H.

in the above example, we are encouraged to look for a person whose first name is 'Pam', and whose last name should start withy the letter H, or sounds like "aych".

We guarantee this method will lead you to absolute happiness, until the need of shuffling the deck again becomes evident. **

tarology updated:

a conversation with Ginny Hunt:

http://tarology.wordpress.com/2010/08/0 ... inny-hunt/

* In adherence to a science of the circumstantial, these cards names follow the Jean Dodal spelling, because that was the deck that happened to be on the table.


DISCLAIMER: we strongly disclaim whatever you may think we are claiming.

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