Brera-Brambilla Tarot on display in Milan Feb/Apr 2013

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From February 20th 2013 until April 7th, the second part of the cycle of XV Century tarot exhibitions at the Brera Museum in Milan will have place, after the exhibition about the Sola-Busca Tarot. The title is: “The Bembos. From the heart of the Duchy of Milan to the Po valley courts”. The works on display were created by the Cremonese workshop of Bonificacio Bembo, which represented an exemplar model of the cultural fervour animating Cremona during the central decades of the Quattrocento. In 1441, the town was chosen to celebrate the marriage between Bianca Maria Visconti, only heiress of the most important duchy of Northern Italy, and Francesco Sforza. Ceiling coffers and paintings of wood will be on display, but above all the 48 cards of the tarot deck known as “Brambilla”, from the name of the family owning the deck in the XIX Century, which were painted by the Bembos between 1442 and 1444 for the Duke of Milan Filippo Maria Visconti.