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Image from Jacques Gamelin, Nouveau recueil d'ostéologie et de myologie dessiné d'après nature par Jacques Gamelin de Carcassonne... divisé en deux parties
Toulouse : impr. J. F. Desclassan, 1779. ... 4&do=pages

Note the caption, "Surgite mortui venite ad judicium", which is a form of what is given on the Cary Yale Judgement card. ... rumpet.jpg

"Alright!!! I heard you the first time!"

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Ross wrote:
"Alright!!! I heard you the first time!"

Bianca's Garden is blooming - everyone's been so busy lately. This and the others you've posted today are simply wonderful Ross.

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I was wondering how one would illustrate the concept of nos ago iterum? (We live again) In regards to a card of high points landing in your hand.
I think "saved by the bell" or whew!!!! is quite hard to express visually. Any suggestions? or does the usual depiction of Judgement seem the best?

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This is the 20th picture of a text focused on "15 signs of Last Judgment.
The description is here ...



Indirectly related is also the longer research for a "winged Temperance" at Bianca's Garden/Temperance , especially this article, which refers to Revelation 12:14


The woman got wings.

I see some relevance for the development of the Marseille Tarot style.

Generally the time "around 1500" - so the time when Trionfi cards became Taroch, Tarocchi and Tarot (1505 in Avignon and Ferrara) - is considered as a height of apocalyptic expectations.

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Michaelnum wrote: you can appeal without permission but his should not stop the judgment going ahead
What is happening in this image? The winged female on the right looks as though she is holding an open book (and a pen...?), but it's hard to be sure. Why is the heavenly figure on the left holding the wings of the standing one? Are the animals being judged, or are they appealing? (Well, in one sense maybe, but... Puzzling.)
He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy...