For those who remember her from AT and here - MollyCat just posted: (reposting with permission !)

People in this forum who were members of Aeclectic in the early 2000s might remember Rosanne.

By chance, I discovered today that Rosanne died in this life on 15 May 2021. She was 72.

She was a very kind, funny and artistic New Zealander who discovered Tarot almost alone and became hugely knowledgeable

about it. She had a particular interest in early European decks, and I think she may have even designed a deck of her own.

She was a loved and significant figure at ATF and in Tarot Perspectives, another forum established around 2006/7. I met her at the Tarot

Conference in Melbourne in 2005. In person, she was a warm and delightful character.

Looking through some of her old ATF posts, I found this one which was so typical of her contributions to all of us at ATF in those times.
Someone had asked how to use cards in meditation.

"I have two ways of meditating upon a card
1st way is to put the card at eye height and slowly imagine yourself stepping into the card as if through a doorway. Then close your eyes, and with your mental eye look around- ask some mental questions if you like. If the image starts to fade, open your eyes and look at the card again, and re-set yourself inside the card. Listen to any sounds you hear for example the dog barking etc. Ten minutes is usually my limit- but time passes fast.
2nd Way is to read out aloud a poem or some paragraph slowly. Loud enough for your ears to hear yourself speak. When you have finished reading-close your eyes and think about what you have heard by reading and allow images to come to mind. If for example the colour yellow comes up and you find your minds eye at, say the beach and no Fool is there- that is OK just go with the images that come to you.
Here is a prayer on the Fool- the guided visualisation is far too long for me to type.
The Fools Invocation
I am a ray of light in search of myself...
My head aloft, I wander the Earth, a Fool.
I chose to come here-
in a timeless moment of forgetfulness,
I must refine my vision as I walk this path of return.
But the precipice yawns before me
I can fall into this gaping chasm.....
but I know that thy hand will steady me.
May I always remember my Divine origin,
A pure spirit, forged in the holy fire:
poised, vigilant, awake-
I am now ready to overcome obstacles
that are there before me.
I hope you find what you want!~Rosanne

Rosanne, also Lorredan and Rosanne Oakley-Browne

Thanks Gregory,
Rosanne was mentioned here about 50 times .... search.php?keywords=rosanne

I remember, that she had another name here, Lorredan. And as Lorredan she wrote 667 posts and she entered the Forum at "26 Mar 2008" as the 10th member
(the Forum was installed at "19 Mar 2008").

Her last post here was probably in 2016 ......
No, it was in 10 July 2017 ...
The very best of Luck- oh has it been ten years? :-o
Since the purple bonfire I have stopped just been a guest and logged in here. Still the best for interest for me alongside Trionfi. As I said all the best Robert. ~Lorredan
This were her last words here ....
She left without known reason from this place, and possibly about the same time from Aeclectic. Well ... reconsidering the time (10th of July 2017), one finds the article ....
... which gives the info, that the Aeclectic Forum was closed, 1st of July 2017, 9 days before. Probably the reason, why Rosanne closed the old contacts.

It was a pity, I personally regretted this very much. We had a lot of interesting discussions.

Rosanne's contributions at (= Aeclectic) one can find with the Site:command. Or here: ... 8&oe=UTF-8
By chance, I discovered today that Rosanne died in this life on 15 May 2021. She was 72.
Gregory, do you have a link to this information? Ah, I found this. ... tic-tarot/
She is called there Rosanne Oakley-Browne, ... e-rosanne/ ... =198681558 ...... it bincludes a picture

She died in Mangawhai. This seems to be a very nice place.


Re: Rosanne

Thank you, Gregory, for informing us of Rosanne's death two years ago. Indeed have wondered over the years where she went. She seemed interested in Tarot enough that she wouldn't just quit talking about it one day.

I will always associate her name with the discovery of the monkey on the Cary Sheet Magician's back -

I don't know exactly when, but it was on Aeclectic, and should still be there.

Thanks for finding the pictures of where she lived, Huck. It does indeed look like a lovely place, the kind one would not mind spending eternity in.

Edited: here is the Aeclectic thread, or at least an early one, where Rosanne discusses the monkey - ... key.87931/

The format doesn't give the date, but there used to be a text-only form of Aeclectic's files that carried the date of posts.