Re: The Children of the Planets

SteveM wrote: 21 Dec 2020, 19:57
Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote: 08 Aug 2010, 11:08 Thanks Steve. Very nice.

I'd like to find the Baldini/Finiguerra for Luna, which contains a juggler image described thusly:

"Near these, eight persons at a table are looking at a juggler, in a fool's dress, with an ape at his feet."
I know this is old, but in case you did not come across it, there is a [zoomable] print at the BM: ... 5-0825-476
Thanks very much, Steve!
What I like about it is the conjurer with the fool's costume, which resembles the Rosenwald sheet. This should put to rest the notion that the Rosenwald deck lacked a Fool, just because the Bagatto is wearing fool's ears. Maybe the Rosenwald Fool looked like this "Ship of Fools" character, or maybe he was more of a madman, dressed in rags, or some other kind of Fool.