The deck discussed here as The Renaissance Folk Tarot

I loved the table on Andy's Playing Cards
andy's table 50.png andy's table 50.png Viewed 5248 times 75.88 KiB

and I thought, it would be great to have the cards. I went looking for card images, and found that for many decks, only a few cards can be easily found as good images. I started working on the deck discussed in this forum as "The Renaissance Folk Tarot, I think.

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These are from Budapest. (search on Tarocchi, and select all returned items with red on them).
They are made available under CC BY NC license, so I here credit Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, as should anyone who copies them from here.

I am downloading sheets and cropping to individual cards. I am doing this for all trumps, (not just Star, Moon, and Sun), the fool, all face cards, and a selection (ace, deuce, five) of pip cards, and I plan to do it for all decks of interest available as sheets, where I can't find existing images, as good, of the individual cards

So if I'm wasting my time, I'd appreciate it of someone would let me know.