Revisiting Crowley's Thoth

I've been rekindling my affection for the Thoth lately. It's been years since I've sat down with it and had a good conversation and, well, something's changed. I'm relating to it more than I ever have before. I've always loved the artwork, but now I'm finding myself incredibly enamoured with it, I feel it's really stunning. I've been reading Crowley and a couple of other companion books and for the first time I find myself thinking 'yeah, that makes total sense' with a lot of things that in the past I think I would have been pretty critical about. Strange how we change.

I pondered on whether to write about the Thoth or not here as I questioned whether it should even be considered a historical deck, but in the end I think I think it is... so why not?

Anyone want to share some thoughts, suggestions, recommendations or insights into Crowley's Thoth?