Tarots of C. BURDEL 1751and F. HERI Facsimiles avaluable

Sunday 07th June 2015

Hello to all,

It is official: I am ready to take your orders of this famous tarot of Claude BURDEL 1751 and his colleague François HERI 1718 !
Here*: http://www.tarot-de-marseille-herita...hp?language=en

First come, first served as one say.

At the moment it is four tarots which are available in the shop:
Pierre Madenié 1709, François Chosson 1736, François Heri 1718, Claude Burdel 1751.
To lower postal charges, who regretably increased well I suggest you to take advantage of the joint release of the following tarot decks:
François/Franz HERI 1718
Claude BURDEL 1751
Explanation: January 1st, 2015, mail price rates made an enormous leap for the shippings (in particular on the international): of the simple to the double except €urope !!
I am forced to echo these increases of course, but fortunately for you faithful collectors, if you buy these two decks together, the shipment charges will fall a lot and thus everybody will gain at it.
To compensate more this postage increase, I have decided to lower ALL my tarots prices.
As collectioner myself I try to help too.
We have to deal with a small head of work there who is already reappointed well and who was imitated, done a pastiche and adapted to various markets.
But nothing is worth an original tarot " in its juice " and it is my guideline you know well it at the moment.
Furthermore, I claims that it will be a beautiful object in your own collection because the original used to make this facsimile turns out after my small international survey, and on-the-spot check in diverse countrys, to be the most beautiful existing known to this day.
The amateurs and the demanding collectors (including I) will tell me that it is not the most beautiful tarot and it is true but this tarot holds some pearls in its engraving, certain details, its extension of the frame, its correctly headed Mat and other significant points. :-B
The more I look at it, the more I find of information and reasons for finally having restored it to your looks.
Its cards are wide and proportionned well and fill well the hand of a fair man or woman.
I wait for your comments here well on.

Good spreads and/or collection !


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