Re: help identification tarot of marseilles

rosele wrote: 23 Apr 2021, 09:46
Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote: 23 Apr 2021, 09:36 It greatly resembles the Minchiate of Florence in Kaplan II, 264, which the tax-stamp identifies as between 1781 and 1801.
The manuscript was written from 1750 onwards, but the book was certainly bound before the beginning of the 1700s. I think it may be French or Ligurian Piedmontese the register is from this area of ​​Italy
Thank you for responding, Rosele! Welcome to the forum.

I apologize for my suspicion about your link, but I have to deal with many spammers every day, whose links are not safe.

Yes, your sheets are clearly Minchiate, and they could be earlier than 1700. I am not an expert, I think we have more knowlegable people here.
The cards I mentioned in Kaplan are not the same engraving, but the style is the same. The pattern in Florence stayed the same for a long time.