Re: Florence 1440 - New Earliest Reference to Tarot

Lorredan wrote: Well given this correction- does it hold water that Guisto would speak of Florence as the place he had the cards made, because of this muddle with the Arms and Sigismondo's Intials? The Angelo Captain with the similiar arms certainly was a Florentine employee.
What I understand from the Treccani biography is that Giusto Giusti worked for the Florentine government from 1427 (when he was twenty) to 1440, when he moved to Romagna together with Angelo "Taglia", apparently as the "account manager" of his conduct, now serving Sigismondo. He must have been well acquainted with Florence, the capital of the state in which he had lived all his life. It does not seem surprising to me that he was to order his gift for his new boss from a Florentine artisan.