Re: Game of Triumphs in Rome, 1460s

Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote:Sounds promising. Did he say where it would be published, and when?
No, it's seldom,that printing and delivering date is known to authors, I would assume. That's mostly in the hand of the publishers ... and these are often not in a hurry. So it still may take some time. I don't know about the publisher., Franco Pratesi, you and Thierry Depaulis are noted somewhere, so Esch reflected at least on some or one of the articles of Franco and the general attention before (which were quoted by Franco's first article of the series, which started with the Esch article). So possibly our activity and interest might have caused, that he extended on playing cards (but he expresses himself, that this is a completion of his earlier series on the archive, so it might be something, what he anyway had as a plan).
How much this will be, I don't know, Franco expressed himself optimistic, that it would be much and possibly would solve all our other problems with the Roman archive.
Esch has added to his data notes "on the merchants – importer and their typical merchandise and some further events, on card games, taken from Penitenzieria Apostolica."

So there is some additional material, and this might be very interesting, too. But I've seen only a few sentences of the letter.

Re: Game of Triumphs in Rome, 1460s

Huck wrote:GREAT NEWS

Franco Pratesi got news from Prof. Esch, that he has prepared an article (which meanwhile has entered the press), in which further new data is revealed ... also about playing cards. The private announcement sounds very promising, so that we possibly have in near future better material to the situation of Triunfi documents in the Roman custom registers.

This was from June 2012. Now, August 2013, I can announce, that the book is on the market (or - at least - is printed or has another state of "soon"). I don't know about details in the moment, but soon I'll know more.