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Research for the situation "1327 in Olmütz"

I find these pictures to "Olmützer Losbuch" ...



... given to pinterest by Darren Worley (he seems to cooperate with Marco Ponzi)

I found the file "SpisyFF_131-1968-1_10.pdf" (if you want to get it, search for this file at the search engine). It's an addition to the text of Zatocil and it contains pictures to the text. 4 of the pictures show pages of the Olmützer Losbuch.


Cover of the Olmützer lot book


Inside of the cover with a wheel mechanism to cast the lost, identical to one of the pictures above.


4 wise men.


Example of the animal pages of the Olmützer lot book. The animal shall be an owl.


The year "1327" (given to the Olmützer Losbuch by an unknown writer in 19th century) gives the event, that Olmütz got a new bishop.

Image ... tz&f=false
The book-text is only a preview-edition and includes not the details.

Bishop Konrad von Olmütz (died 1326,bishop since 1316)

Bishop Hinek von Duba (born 1296, installed as bishop 26 September 1327, died 1333) = Heinrich Berka von Dubá ... _Dub%C3%A1 ... _Dub%C3%A9

Family "Berka von Duba"

Mathias Berka baut 1116 den Tollenstein aus
Qual von Berka war 1226 königlich böhmischer Oberlandesjägermeister
Peter Berka von Duba war 1235 Oberster Ordensmeister der Tempelherren in Böhmen. Baute 1253 das Annakloster (7)
Hynek von Duba (auch de Dubena), Burggraf von Prag, errichtete den Hradschin (tschechisch Hradany), Truchseß des Königs von Böhmen 1276-1288
Hinko von Duba 1289-1293 Oberstlandkämmerer, 1294 -1295 Burggraf von Taus, 1303-1309 Oberstburggraf zu Prag , gest. vor 1316
Hinko Berka von Duba Oberstburggraf gest. 1348
Hinko I.., Herr auf Burg Hohnstein (Sächsische Schweiz) Oberstburggraf bis 1351; gest. 1361
Heinrich III. Berka von Dubá, Bischof von Olmütz. Der Papst entsprach einer Bitte des Königs und verlieh Heinrich das Bistum Olmütz unmittelbar nach Konrads Tod 1326, obwohl Heinrich erst zum Priester geweiht werden musste. Heinrich starb 1333 in Prag und wurde im Veitsdom beigesetzt.
1337 Hinko I gründet Weißwasser
Castle Hohnstein ...

... according German wiki first mentioned in 1353

List of Burggrafen in Prague ... n_von_Prag
... no name is given for 1314-1351

Possibly a lot of things about the family are confused, cause the later "Berken" family became promoter of the Hussites. ... ba&f=false


Olmütz was an important place for Jews. 32 and 22 (as they appear in this lot book question) are numbers of the Sepher Yetzirah. Possibly the author of the text had a Jewish background. As many lot books are said to have an Eastern background, it wouldn't be a surprise, if the original author of this lot book genre came from this direction.

Jews in Olmütz ... tz-maehren


A theater play from 19th century Prague ... ... ka&f=false
about "Henry the Lion" ...
... uses a (positive) figure "Hugo Berka von der Duba".

I couldn't find such a person, possibly Hinko (or similar) was interpreted as Hugo. Generally it is assumed, that the family had a German, not a Slavic background, although they were already a long time in the Bohemian region.

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