.... Herrenberger Altar by Jerg Ratgeb (1519)

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Large picture:
Picture with soldiers and playing cards (at the right side)

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The picture is dated to the year 1519, short after the starting day of reformation. Jerg Ratgeb is assumed by some to have been killed by "Vierteilung" in 1526 cause of revolutionary actions.

On the right picture were recognized playing cards ....

On the second picture from the left there is something, which also looks playing cards:

The objects left of the cards look like dice.
Huck tarau .... translated as Borer

The following was added to ...
Fischart's collection of games
Des Borers: ... g_djvu.txt
[Page 45] - Spielbezeichnungen.
au tarau R. 166. — Des Borers F. 260.
Es handelt sich um das „Tarock". Das Wort tarau hängt allerdings mit tariere = Bohrer zusammen und Fischarts Ausdruck ist als wörtliche Übersetzung zu betrachten. Jedoch kann „des Borers" nicht auf ein Spiel hindeuten. (Esm. et E. Joh., n. 29; Rausch S. XLIV.)
It means, that Fischart translated the word Tarau with Borers (from "tariere = Bohrer). Bohrer means "drill" in English.

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Huck ... 17h century gioco by Mattio (Matteo) Cardini


Info of British Museum
Also known as Matteo Cadorin
primary name: primary name: Cadorin, Matteo
other name: Bolzetta, Matteo
Details : individual; publisher/printer; Italian; Male
Other dates: 1648- (fl.)
Biography: Print publisher active in Padua in 1640s or later. Known from his excudit on works by B. Curti and especially Giulio Carpioni. On some prints adds 'detto bolzetta'.
Images according Google ... -iAQ&hl=de

... printed a book in 1669
PARTE TERZA DELL'ITINERARIO D'ITALIA. Viaggio da Roma à Napoli, da Napoli a Pozzuolo, & ritorno à Tiuoli,
Franciscus Schottus
Per Matteo Cadorin, detto Bolzetta, 1669 - 110 Seiten ... navlinks_s

It seems, that he printed already in 1654 a book for the same writer .... ... AF6BAgCEAI
... also it is quoted by Google, that Bolzetta was active since 1639



Game Board of Mitelli 1712 ... 2-0612-489
Object: Object: Gioco nuovo di tutte l'osterie che sono in Bologna con le sue insegne e sue strade
Game board of the inn-signs in Bologna in sixty [actually 59] squares, each with the name of the inn and its sign and a number. 1712

Much explanations, assuming, that it is a goose game (?) or similar to it:

The information is signed by Alberto Milano


Another report of the goose game ...
Daniele Ferrero: La Struttura simbolica del Gioco dell'Oca ... co_oca.htm


It seems to be a typical feature to use 63 fields for running. Possibly an indication, that the board developed from the existence of earlier chess boards with 64 fields, which also could be used for a running game.
Huck ... German Minchiate rules from 1769/1798/1800

German rules of the game Minchiate from the year 1769 .... (Google.books claims 1709, but is in error about a confusing 1769, the author and Buchhändler Georg Bauer writes already in 1756 about Tarock)

Evidence for Georg Bauer in 1756 ....

Startpage of the work of 1769 with the 1769 .... ... &q&f=false

Title , author and publisher
Die Kunst die Welt erlaubt mitzunehmen in den verschiedenen Arten der Spiele, so in Gesellschaften höhern Standes, besonders in der Kais. Kön. Residenzstadt Wien üblich sind: Mit einer Nachricht von andern mehrern, auch unter Leuten niedern Standes gewöhnlichen Spielarten und einigen der neuesten Künste mit Karten, Band 2
Georg Bauer
Zeh, 1709 - 408 pages

Start of the Minchiate article at page 217 ... te&f=false

There is also an article to Tarock in the book (before the Minchiate article).

There is a second edition of the same year, in some aspects modified (it's called erster Theil, but the Minchiate article seems to be the same as of "Band 2").


German rules from 1798, Waltherscher Hofbuchhandlung Dresden (presented by Hans-Joachim Alscher)


German rules of the game Minchiate from the year 1800
Unterricht in der natürlichen Magie ... umgearbeitet von J. C. Wiegleb, mit Kupfern, Band 14
by Johann Nikolaus MARTIUS, 1800 ... frontcover
Page 484 ff.

There is also an article to Tarock in the book (before the Minchiate article).
Huck ... An IPCS-article about an old exhibition in Turin by Depaulis

The article is in French language and appeared in IPCS Playing Card 2018 and it contains pictures, which I hadn't seen before. The article is offered by which demands that one becomes a member there. But one gets the article without payment. They offer often material, for which they demand payment.
English summary :
Tarot and other fifteenth-century cards on exhibition in Turin in 1880
The Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria (National University Library) in Turin owns a group offifteen much deteriorated hand-painted playing cards, often held for
tarocchi and dating to the 15th century. They can be seen in S. Kaplan’s Encyclopedia of tarot (New York, 1978), p. 119. Initially made of twenty-four cards, the precious lot was badly damaged by a fire that hit the library in January 1904. Little was known of their previous condition. However, it has been possible to both and a photograph of twelve of these cards, taken in a national art exhibition in Turin in 1880 and printed in collotype with ninety other photographic plates in an album, and a detailed description of the cards, publishedin 1861 by Luigi Cibrario. Besides Plate XXXII which shows the cards, anotherplate (No. LXXII) displays eleven (true) tarot cards from three different packs, including a hand-painted four of coins that certainly belonged to the BrambillaTarot now in the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan (where it is missing). The othercards – four “Sola-Busca” tarocchi and six cards in “grotesque” style – may be orgeries (taken from Cicognara’s illustrations).
Huck News ... Nerida Newbigin

Newbegin has published a new work ...

Making a Play for God: The Sacre Rappresentazioni of Renaissance Florence (2021)
Table of Contents
1. The Manuscript Evidence of Florentine Sacre Rappresentazioni
2. Plays in Churches
3. Youth Confraternities and Their Plays
4. Edifici for the Feast of St. John the Baptist
5. Playing Outdoors
6. Antonia Pulci, Antonio Miscomini, and the Transition to Print
7. Defying Anonymity: Belcari, Poliziano, Bellincioni, and Lorenzo de’ Medici
8. Bartolomeo de’ Libri, Antonio Miscomini, and the Illustrated Editions
9. Savonarola and Beyond: Castellano Castellani
10. The Afterlife of the Plays

1 Rappresentazioni and Frottole in Manuscript
2 Printed Rappresentazioni
3 Major Collectors and Sales

Appendix [of 30 selected documents]