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The very best of Luck- oh has it been ten years? :-o
Since the purple bonfire I have stopped just been a guest and logged in here. Still the best for interest for me alongside Trionfi. As I said all the best Robert. ~Lorredan

Re: VS Two Games?

I used the repo's to show the plinths or dais the forms are seated on 12 Cards, with whom you might add the four Ace-10 pips =52 cards; or that matter 32 Cards 7-Ace (5x4=20). It was size that mattered to show the plinths not the art. This to me, looks like a multi use deck. I know all the things yo...

Re: Just a Question

Thank you mikeh! The Town I live near had Haberdashery store. Haberdashery was in the Name.... XXXX's Haberdashery. It sold all the things I mentioned, also small linens and reels of cotton called "Mercer". We are an English Colonial outpost here and I find it amazing that before my intere...

VS Two Games?

VSSeated1.pdf vsperhaps3.pdf I have long wondered about this subject; in all my books and the web I have not been able to find an answer. In the attachments I used the Visconti repro, as more can fit in a scan. 12 cards are clearly seated on dais / plinths. There are 2 that might be considered in t...

Re: Just a Question

Thanks Huck. So the Outlet was mostly the Silk Merchant's store. All these years later you could call the Silk Merchant a 'Haberdashery' store. There a few around still but it is a dying store, that sold Material, embroidery threads, wool, fancies like a Tinker-man and playing cards and childrens ga...

Re: Just a Question

Hi Huck. yes life takes over away from pleasures as one gets older. Tarot is never far away from my life and interest. Thanks for the contact. Now I saw that on trionfi that the D'Este had a printing press. So I guess they must have had an outlet for selling what ever they printed. What I am interes...

Just a Question

Has there been any research of Silk Merchants and others who sold the cards and their suppliers the card makers?
I am curious because Tarot History has requests for cards; early on did they go direct to card makers (for example Malatesta asks Bianca Visconti for a deck that he fancies)

Re: The Hermit

Not that what I say next dates the cassone, but might help with the subject it portrays. From Dante on Old Florence, but right on until mid 15th century, the increasing cost of having daughters and their need for dowry,(both for marriage and convent) connects the image of Time and Dowry together. Fl...

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