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Re: Triumph of Love????

I don't see Death. Are you looking at the man with the very tall second red hat from the right? A close-up shows the red splotches to be on the rim of the hat, with a human face partially obscured below.

Re: The Moon

That's a really good scan. Where is it from?

In many of these cards, elements of the figures are covered with gold leaf. It makes seeing what's really there quite difficult.

Re: The Moon

Rosanne, Ive got the Il Meneghello facsimile of the Visconti-Sforza--they are quite large, about 6" long, and I can't see a bauble, where should I be looking? eta. Ok. In trying to photograph the card, which I cannot do as the autofocus on the camera refuses, I see where you mean--a rounded not...

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