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Re: The Stories of Teodolinda

I posted a thread about the Geography of the CY World card. Phaeded very kindly posted a place where you could enlarge the card. I was particularly interested in the pennant or flag of the Knight in the center, by the river. I believed it had an Ourobus on it. Here is the post and maybe anyone who i...

Re: Death

Thank you Marco for that investigation and posting the enlarged picture and words. I have two queries as a result. In your translation Christ calls Death "She". I have never heard that before. The pamphlet date I have for the execution of the work is 1382 and your site says much earlier 13...

Re: The Stories of Teodolinda

As this is the largest cycle fresco in Italy, I think it is wonderful the World Heritage fund is paying for the restoration. So I guess that the History and information and as much background as is possible will come further to light as the work is scheduled 2012-2014. The Visconti and Sforza arms i...

Re: The Stories of Teodolinda

These parts of the fresco look so like the Cary-Yale women.
women in fresco.jpg women in fresco.jpg Viewed 8369 times 10.4 KiB
This shows the device of the of the Three interlinked rings
Cherub with rings Monza.jpg Cherub with rings Monza.jpg Viewed 8369 times 10.17 KiB
This is the damaged part..cannot tell what is underneath- but it looks like the top of a judgment scene.
Monza.jpg Monza.jpg Viewed 8369 times 11.45 KiB

The Stories of Teodolinda

Teodolinda - Wikipedia - Similar - Translate this page On this page, scroll down to Stories of Teodolinda and it will show translated from Italian to English the story of the commission of Fillipo Maria Visconti in The Church at Monza and the link with His daug...

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