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Re: Crackpot theories

My favorite crackpot theory is the one proposed by Daimonax. I have become convinced that this guy has put more time on his theory that I did on mine. Daimonax talks about (...)les origines orphico-dionysiaques et néopythagoriciennes du tarot de Marseille. Nothing less.

Re: Crackpot theories

I see to recall some crackpot theory about restoring hidden eggs on the Camoin. Why in the world would someone want to hide eggs? Was it Easter ? One of the most charming moments in Jodorowsky and Camoin’s crackpot theory is the story of how they managed to define the Tarot de Marseille’s true colo...

Re: Camoin's 1608 dating?

Thanks Yves! Marseilles is not mentioned in the original law of 1605, but by 1608 the cardmakers in Lyon petitioned to stop the new card industry in Marseilles. The petition may have been effective since the industry was officially reinstated by royal decree in 1631. So the earliest cards were made...

Re: Re:crackpot theories

I informs you that Philippe "Camoin" will soon publish his thesis about Tarot origins. See his web site for more details. Yves Here is an interesting leap of logic. Camoin talks about the Chosson: “Here we have the oldest Tarot de Marseille deck known to have been made in Marseilles. The ...

Re: Re:crackpot theories

So, how come we went from 1672 to 1608? GOOD question! Hello Enrique and all, So if I understood well the answer is in the hand of Robert O'neil thanks to Philippe "Camoin" discoverys :-? ? I wish to have the "final cut" from Mr O'eil about this specific point. Ross theory is an...

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