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Re: Who's in the Chariot?

Lorredan wrote:I personally find it hard to understand why people do not understand that at the time of Tarot's birth, the people who played games were Catholic. Not Neo platonic, Humanists or even Scholastics- just plain old salt of the earth Catholics-
Amén! :D

The Bible is Tarot’s Little White Book.


Re: The "Charles VI" Tarot

Just by chance, today I found this paragraph on a text by Rosalind Krauss I am currently reading: “The frame-within-a-frame is a way of entering the figure into the pictorial field and simultaneously negating it, since it is inside the space only as an image of its outside, its limits, its frame. Th...

Re: The "Charles VI" Tarot

I find amazing how the artifice of having the figures surpassing the card’s frame suck us into the image, or perhaps, such artifice have both the card’s characters and us meeting at an intermediate plane that is neither the card’s two-dimensional format, nor our tridimensional reality anymore. Would...

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