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by jmd
26 Apr 2010, 01:45
Forum: Bianca's Garden
Topic: The Magician
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Re: Unstable Tables

Fantastic renditions, Pen! Like Debra, I see this as part of the art... and has as been mentioned already, the woodcarver shows many examples in which the perspective is rather wonky. In this case, it's not only the 'len...
by jmd
14 Mar 2010, 00:35
Forum: Bianca's Garden
Topic: The Tower
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Re: The Tower

Towers and high buildings (such as churches) were of course more commonly prone to lightning strikes. Personally I do not think that St Catherine was in any manner intended in the Tarot de Marseille depictions: there are too many differences and not sufficient correlations to the main elements. That...
by jmd
14 Mar 2010, 00:23
Forum: Bianca's Garden
Topic: The Moon
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Re: Wolf/Dog and The Moon

The pairing of wolf/light (lykos/lukos) and the interesting interplay of symbols that creates seems very in keeping with many of the divinatory meanings that have been developed for The Moon . I have little doubt that some of these deeper/archetypal meanings influenced the addition of the wolf/dog ...
by jmd
08 Mar 2010, 00:41
Forum: The Library (West Wing)
Topic: Worthy links that do not divert traffic
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Re: Worthy links that do not divert traffic

hmm... I thought Robert or I had deleted this trial thread from when we had first opened this area of the forums...

Oh well, shows you our other side, I guess!
by jmd
04 Sep 2009, 12:34
Forum: The Library (West Wing)
Topic: What the Catholics say
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Re: What the Catholics say

The Roman Catholic Church certainly has views with regards to some uses of tarot, but not against tarot per se . The Catechism of the Catholic Church states the following: Divination and magic 2115 God can reveal the future to his prophets or to other saints. Still, a sound Christian attitude consis...
by jmd
18 Aug 2009, 11:59
Forum: The Exhibition Gallery
Topic: Fortitude with a tower and dragon
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Re: Fortitude with a tower and dragon

Nice images indeed. With 'fortezza', the etymological connection is perhaps more straightforward: the 'fort' or tower is indeed a 'stronghold', and derives its name from 'strength' or 'force'. So it's not so much that Fortezza indicates a tower (or fort-tower), but rather that the tower is itself bo...
by jmd
18 Aug 2009, 04:17
Forum: The Library (East Wing)
Topic: Origins of the Tarot
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Re: Origins of the Tarot

At the same time, we should be careful to not assume that just because the pips and court cards of tarot are based on the Mamluk cards that the trumps are in any manner derivative of the religious views of those who spread the Mamluk cards. The Mamluks cards have never expanded to include trumps, so...
by jmd
28 Jun 2009, 03:18
Forum: The Researcher's Study
Topic: The building blocks of Tarot History
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Re: The building blocks of Tarot History

Regarding evidence, JMD wrote, There now is a wealth of historical work that has been done on the history of astrology, Kabbalah and Alchemy (to take three of those initially). NONE of those three areas have sequences that reflect what is found in the sequence of trump imagery, even when those are ...
by jmd
23 Jun 2009, 13:05
Forum: The Unicorn Terrace
Topic: Crackpot theories
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Re: Crackpot theories

I suppose that this is the perfect thread in which to answer as to what I (currently) 'believe' to be the case. SO in a nutshell, here it is: The deck arose as an expanded deck with trumps added to the set; these trumps were painted at the whim of the designer, without coherent overall meaning, but ...
by jmd
20 Jun 2009, 14:19
Forum: The Unicorn Terrace
Topic: Timaeus
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Re: Timaeus

Plato's three parts of the Soul (especially as described in the Phaedrus) and the Chariot are indeed a great fit - and I (along with others) have mentioned this on AT and other places over the years. With the World, though one can interpret the imagery in a manner that reflects a Platonic view of th...