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Re: The Devil

Hi friends, :) Title Book of Hours, Use of Sarum ('The Taymouth Hours') England, S. E.? (London?) Date 2nd quarter of the 14th century Language Latin and French Script Gothic Artists Sandler 1986 identifies the artist as that of Glasgow, University Library MS Hunter 231, made for Roger of Waltham (d...

Re: The Tower Wenzelsbibel 1390-1400 Masaccio 1424-28, Florence Minchiate Tower (Minchiate from Florence) The color of the angel in the ...

Re: Death

Hi friends, :)

nice picture.

The arrow is related with the Black Death, which gave rise, or at least encouraged, the dance of death.

Its interesting the death of PMB has a bow and arround 1450-51 Milan and Pavia suffered great epidemics of plague.

Re: Isabella d'Este's motto and the V&A Visconti-Sforza cards...

Hi friends, :-?? I dont know if rosenthal tarochi are true. I ask months ago Vitali about this deck. He said: Assolutamente falsi. A mio avviso realizzati a fine Ottocento, in epoca neogotica. Un giorno li feci vedere ad un mio amico professore, insegnante di storia dell’arte all’Università di Bolog...

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