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Re: Collection ... Karnöffel

Welcome Jonas, nice, that you have come here. I still have your Doc-Files 1. 1426: Karnöffeln and the Nördlinger Spieleordnung 2. Karnöffel (collection) More or less we agreed, that the 1426 document (1) was wrong. My impression about your list of references (2.) was, that it might be at least in pa...

News .... Tarocchi cards Museo delle arte e tradizione populari (Kaplan II p. 287/288)

Recently (maybe a month ago) I searched the cards from Kaplan II p. 287/288 in the web and didn't find. Now Nathaniel has presented them at a link, which he called Orlando deck ... .... the link leads to this page ... https://archi...

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