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Re: Choosing your deck

Post by Robert »

I recommended AT because to my mind it is still the best resource on the web for learning and sharing ideas about decks and reading tarot cards. That said, I have huge issues with the "rules" of the forum, and the ways and means of implementing them. So much so that I left as a moderator (jmd and I used to co-moderate the Historical section), and have reduced my participation to a few comments a year. There was a recent episode where the moderators were threatening to cross a line that I never imagined they would go to on AT, and it made me regret having participated on the forum at all.

I'm very skeptical about reading with tarot cards. I don't think "they" do anything, except create random patterns for us to build stories off of. I get uncomfortable when the stories turn into prophesies, and people make decisions about their lives, and others, based on the random turn of cards... but I guess I have to believe (hope!?) that most people are wise enough to use some practical judgement when it really comes down to it.

With that in mind, I do think that a "reading" is a wonderful way to explore an issue and to see it from a different perspective. I don't read for myself or others very often, but when I do, I consider it a form of brainstorming rather than divination. I'm quite impressed with Enrique's style of reading, and am curious to see if it becomes more popular as a form in the future.

There is a section in the "Private Rooms" area of this forum called the "The Zen Den" created just for reading should anyone choose to explore that. It is rather dusty from lack of use, but I'm sure it could be quite comfy with a little life in it. I'll ask James (our butler) to bring some refreshments over if anyone cares to spend some time there.
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Re: Choosing your deck

Post by the fool »

Dear Robert:

I totally agree with you, although I have begun to use Tarot cards myself, I do not use it as some way to reveal the 'answer' or the some would call it. I don't believe that the cards themselves really do hold the answers to the future or can prophesize anything. Instead, I do get a powerful feeling that it is like brainstorming in a how well do you see yourself and sort of recall back the events throughout the day. From that we, perhaps it could make ourselves realize what things we could change and keep...but NEVER about finding 'who our true love is'...or 'will he love me that sort of thing'...thats the kind of the things I see all the time on ATF.
Infact, I couldn't help but to laugh at most of the times would just be getting to know the cards more and that is all.
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Re: Choosing your deck

Post by cadla »

robert wrote:There was a recent episode where the moderators were threatening to cross a line that I never imagined they would go to on AT, and it made me regret having participated on the forum at all.
Ah dear, there is little in the way of meaningful discussion left at AT. I see a lot of screaming about new decks that immediately go up for trade and lots of chit-chat which is not what I want in a resource.

I too prefer stories to reading. As I said in another thread, I became uncomfortable with people who latch onto readings as something to save them, or reinforce what they want to do. Then there are the "Fairies by the pool" people as I call them, who insist on giggling about what the fairies did to them and where they saw them, and the Dragonfae are real dontcha know.

People can do what they want, my objection is when they insist that you follow along, and that you are less than acceptable if you don't. I had my fill of that and forged on another way.

I play around with cards and often find things of personal insight. I am very definitely a story person. Stories, poems, studying books, making art with decks.

YES, I immediately perked up when I saw what Enrique does. Much more in line with my thinking.
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