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Hello everyone.

Pardon my English. I'm Spanish and I write very badly, although I understand it better.

I suspect that a relationship exists between the game of gosip, the emblem and the tarot. As you know, game of gosip developed in Europe in the late sixteenth century, early seventeenth century. It may be initially seen in sections of the game, emblematic images, as seen in the cards.

In 1587, a courtier named Alonso de Barros wrote a book that had instructions for a game of gossip adapted to the Spanish court: Filosofía cortesana moralizada. It is the oldest reference is known about the game. As this is a very difficult book to find, as I have transcribed and uploaded to Scribd (in Spanish, sorry).



Hola a todos.

Perdonad mi inglés. Soy español y lo escribo muy mal, aunque lo entiendo mejor.

Sospecho que existe una relación entre el juego de la oca, la emblemática y el tarot. Como sabéis, el juego de la oca se extiende por Europa a finales del siglo XVI, principios del XVII. Es probable que al principio vieran en las casillas del juego, imágenes emblemáticas, como las veían en las cartas.

En 1587, un cortesano llamado Alonso de Barros escribió un libro que eran unas instrucciones para un juego de la oca adaptado a la corte española: Filosofía cortesana moralizada. Es la referencia más antigua que se conoce sobre el juego. Como es un libro muy difícil de encontrar, lo he transcrito y lo he subido a Scribd.

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Re: Non-tarot books for the tarot historian!

Hi mmfilesi,

Welcome to the forum. I've followed the link, and I'm not sure if what I was supposed to find loaded correctly, I tried to load the linked document but wasn't successful.

Perhaps you'd like to start a thread in the Unicorn Terrace to discuss your theory?

Please let me know if I can help.

best wishes,
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Yes The link is good (you have to register to download it).

Anyway, I've uploaded here too:

It is a book that speaks of games of goose. The oldest known (1587). My theory is that the game of goose was very popular thanks to the tarot. I will explain in the Unicorn Terrace.

Thank you very much.

Sorry for my English (use the google translator).


Sí. El enlace está bien (hay que registrarse para bajarlo).

De todas maneras, lo he subido también aquí:

Es un libro en el que se habla del juego de la oca. El más antiguo que se conoce (1587). Mi teoría es que el juego de la oca fue muy popular gracias al tarot. Voy a explicarlo en. Muchas gracias.

Perdón por mi inglés (uso el traductor de google).
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Re: Ripa's Iconologia on ebay

Pen wrote:A lovely copy of Ripa's Iconologia 1603 on ebay - worth studying the enlargements of the pages before it disappears. I don't think I've seen this edition online before, although it could be hiding somewhere. Scroll down...

Thanks Pen, lovely!

Image 41, "Bellezza", is particularly reminiscent of the Tarot de Marseille "World". I'll have time to post it later (gotta run to a rugby match - girl's rugby!)

Re: Ripa's Iconologia on ebay

Pen wrote:A lovely copy of Ripa's Iconologia 1603 on ebay -
Just as a matter of interest, this edition is not online. I wrote to Dover a couple of weeks ago due to my personal interest in this book, which I have wanted for my personal collection for some years. I sent a request to their editorial department requesting it be reprinted, since it's been about 19 years since their last edition and it's going for horribly inflated prices on the secondary market.

I received the usual bumph in reply about how the editors would take it under consideration etc. So who knows?

I once got this through inter-library loan and the artwork is so dense and lovely you'd need a copy to study it and appreciate it. Oooh all that lovely 17th century overblown detailing! It would be nice to compare to the earlier edition that is online that I have saved to my hard drive.

Recently I've been interested in Salvador Dali's woodcuts/watercolours that he was commissioned to make for Dante's Divine Comedy. Of course, that's out of print too and going for $200 USD and up. I'd love it for my Dante collection though.

Neither of these books should have been allowed to go out-of-print, as I feel they are timelessly important and relevant. Unfortunately the publishing industry seems more interested in Danielle Steel books.

Re: Non-tarot books for the tarot historian!

I am currently reading a book that might interest members:

The Gutenberg Revolution by John Man ISBN 9780553819663

If you're like me, you've read lots of stuff about the invention of printing and early books, but I was surprised by this one--it has many interesting facts about social, political and economic life in Medieval Germany.

It's an easy read, something light for summer. I found it fascinating that Gutenberg was involved in several court cases and there is information from those with details on him that I wasn't aware of.

I'm liking it.

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