Re: Mellet: Research on the Tarot

Some suggestions:

conceived the characters - contrived the characters

in scripture & in hieroglyphic expression - in the scripture & in the hieroglyphic expression

that is, acts of omnipotence, or Creation, to which he joined moral precepts. -, that is, acts of the Omnipotence, or Creation, to which he joined the Precepts of Morality.

the Ethotia - Ethotia

of its astronomy; - of his astronomy;

this name [3], either - this name [3]; either

twenty-first, which - twenty-first card, which

modern figures - modern numerals

intelligence of History - understanding of the History

that one operates - that one carries out

madness - Madness

& Virtues - & the Virtues

4. Livret au Lansquenet, - 4. Livret [Booklet] aus Lansquenet,

omnipotence - the Omnipotence

announce guilty men - announce the guilty

of Gemini, of the Androgynous: Duo in carne una. - of the Twins, of the Androgyne: Duo in carne una [Two in one body].

star - celestial body

character - characteristic

However, two - However, the two

earthly paradise - terrestrial paradise [my explanation: this is a stock phrase in English]

know it as - know him as

with its claw - with his claw

mythological scripture - mythological writing

same as our sacred historians - same in our sacred histories

are the mythological pictures of the two - are mythological pictures of two

1. Perhaps its attitude relates to the culture of the Vine. - 1. Perhaps its pose relates to viticulture.

depending on whether he will be guided - depending on how it is guided

credulity of people - credulity of the Peoples

It is followed by a unique card representing Madness which carries its bag or its faults from behind, while a tiger or remorse, devouring its hocks, delays its march towards crime - He is followed by a unique card representing Madness who carries his bag or his faults behind, while a tiger or his remorse, devouring his hocks, delays his march towards crime.

occult virtue - hidden power

the intelligence - the understanding of them

Powers - the Powerful

Pivot - Goad

consecrated to - consecrated by

happy & unhappy ones, - happy & some unhappy,

the Pharaoh - Pharaoh

Re: Mellet: Research on the Tarot

suggestions for p. 2 of your translation (I am using the French text at ... iecle.html):

Iou - Iou [Jove?]

Queen of Heaven - Queen of the Heavens

several other cards - several other pictures [or Tableaus, a perfectly good English word]

middle of the card, his foot on his ball - middle of the picture [or Tableau], his foot on his sphere

the farmer - the cultivator

seek to discover things which are hidden with discretion - seek to discover hidden things only with discretion.

to win - to vanquish

as well as - the same as [or, in the same manner as]

characters - signs

devoured or guarded the countryside - had to happen in the countryside or that concerned it.

compensate for - offset

read hieroglyphs - read the hieroglyphs ("hieroglyphs" has the sense of pictures with hidden meanings, not necessarily Egyptian ones)

stick, denier - baton, coin

certain turns - certain turns of phrase

doomsday - dire [or simply "unpropitious"]

easy to recognize the big - easy to recognize there the big

Nine, that of the cups - Nine, that of cups

travels - goes all over

sojourn - residence

expresses unique - expresses a unique

signifies - signify

look for - search

each others - each other's

make their presumed - make them presume ("leur" is indirect object)

recherches - investigations

early - early on

drew - collected

explain - explicate

manifested - manifesting

had anyone been able to regard it as bold -if anyone could [would?] have considered it rash

having the understanding - having the understanding of them.

Tell me what you saw. - Relate to me what you have seen.

dream in which they were concerned, as in the course of divination there was a positive question, the answer of which had to be sought in the Book of Fate - dream with which they were concerned, as in all divination where there was a positive question, the answer to which had to be sought in the Book of Fates

drawn - drawing

paying attention to place them scrupulously under the words of whose explanation was sought; the phrase -
paying scrupulous attention to placing them under the words whose explanation was sought, the sentence

Mage - Magus

phrase we seek - sentence we seek

retribution - renumeration

which must pull away - which must separate

counter-poison - antidote

to draw the - drawn to

is shuffled and then cut by the interested person - one shuffles and then has the interested person cut.

complacent - accepting

Little Masters - Dandies

sun card - card of the sun

reunited - joined

principle - principal

likewise the clubs between two spades or next to a spade, are less fortunate. - likewise the club between two spades, or next to a spade, is less fortunate.

fatal accidents - dire mishaps

they have - one has

A Lover. - a Lover (male).

Nice job, Steve. You saw your way through some tricky passages. I still have no idea how the cards to be interpreted are selected from the deck, so I am unable to offer much in the way of correction to that part.

Re: Mellet: Research on the Tarot

Thanks Mike - re IOU -yes, it is the Etruscan form of Jove, I have added a note.
mikeh wrote:
22 Aug 2019, 11:17
I still have no idea how the cards to be interpreted are selected from the deck, so I am unable to offer much in the way of correction to that part.
Do you mean when using the tarot pack or the piquet? The piquet method is the same as with the minor arcana of the tarot, taking into account that the 2-6 of each suit has been removed and there is no knight, so as you turn the cards you say Ace, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King. If a card turned is the same as one called, then you lay it aside to form the sentence.
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