Re: Tractatus de deficatione sexdecim heroum, text and translation

Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote:
20 Aug 2019, 08:32
Phaeded wrote:
20 Aug 2019, 05:45
All quotes from the accessible (and the first two important books are largely scanned by Google) translation by William Harris Stahl, E. L. Burge, Richard Johnson, Martianus Capella and the Seven Liberal Arts: The Marriage of Philology and Mercury, 1977.
Not accessible by my Google, unfortunately. EU or French restrictions often differ from what other countries, particularly the US, can view. Actually I can't see a single page of it - not even snippet view.
If his translation and notes for sections 41-61 are available, can you post images of those? I'd like to see at least what commentary he offers on the list, where he differs from Weinstock's interpretations, etc.
Here ya go:
M. Capella, Book II.41-61.pdf
(607.67 KiB) Downloaded 20 times
I'll email to you as well in case you can't open the pdf here.

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