Torah and Talmud imagery in the Tarot de Marseilles


I am a longtime student of the Hebrew Bible who stumbled upon the Tarot de Marseilles about a year ago. After careful study of the Tarot de Marseille I began to see a pattern of Jewish beliefs and ritual depicted in the 22 trump cards.

Either I have revealed a very consistent Jewish theme in the Tarot de Marseille or I have successfully demonstrated the amazing creative power of wishful thinking.

In short I believe the imagery of the Tarot de Marseille was created in response to the outlawing and burning of the Talmud and other Jewish religious books throughout Europe and specifically to the Spanish Inquisition in 1478 which led to many wealthy Jewish Families moving to Northern Italy.

Explicit connections to Jewish texts seem far less present in other versions of the Tarot. But in the Tarot de Marseille I believe I have found too many connections for this to be a mere coincidence.

Regardless I would really appreciate the thoughtful feedback and criticism of Tarot scholars who can place my observations in a historical context.

Looking for feedback that either debunks my theory or that would help me develop it further.

Thank you in advance for any words of wisdom either for or against my thesis.

Warm regards,

Stav Appel

Re: Torah and Talmud imagery in the Tarot de Marseilles

Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, I concede it is nearly all circumstantial. But, arguably, it's a large portion of circumstantial.

If you see specific holes in the timeline or thesis please do let me know. Critical feedback appreciated.

(Actually there is one piece of evidence that may be beyond circumstantial: On the House of God of the Noblet there are 8 spikes in the crown and 30 globes in the air. The Temple stood in Jerusalem for 830 years - and this is discussed only in the Talmud and not in the Bible. ?)

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