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Andrea Vitali announced 4 new essays in Italian language ...

1 - Torquato Tasso and Tarot ("Now I am tired and want to play with tarot" / Ora sono stanco e vo' giocare a Tarocchi)

2 - The Sermons of Giusti (XIX century)

3 - The Aristotelian Telescope by Emanuele Tesauro (XVII century)

4 - Tarot in Literature with unpublished articles on tarot ... or where Tarot is mentioned by Cecchi (1518-1587), Marino (1569-1625), Tassoni (1565-1635), Belando ( XVI century), Baltasar Gracián y Morales (1601-1658), in satires by Ariosto.

at this page (see menu): ... 6_ita.aspx

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It is very interesting compared with Gherardo Ortalli:

- Giovanni Cagnolo e don Messore: un laboratorio per fabbricare dei tarocchi alla corte di Borso d’Este. In Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco,(1996).

- The Prince and the playing cards. The Este family and the role of courts at the time of the “Kartenspiel-Invasion”. In Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltà del gioco, 2 (1996).


I feel identified with the painters of the tarot ... poor as a rat :ymparty: .
When a man has a theory // Can’t keep his mind on nothing else (By Ross)

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Huck wrote:A further new finding by Andrea Vitali: ... 4_ita.aspx
compare ... &q&f=false

Poor painter is so poor, that he had to paint Tarocchi cards (active ca. 1520)
My reading of "dipingere" here would be "to colour" - that is, he coloured the printed cards. That would seem to be a menial job.

I don't think it would be a poor man who would be painting whole decks from scratch, like Bembo.

Andrea also interprets it as "decorare" - to decorate.

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