XIV century Allegorical Frescos from Tolentino

I have recently seen this beautiful frescos dating to about 1350, in the S.Nicola chapel in Tolentino.
Someone has posted a nice set of picture on Flickr:

more images here:
http://www.sannicoladatolentino.it/capp ... areti.html

I attach pictures of the 8 allegories that decorate the four corners of the chapel. Unfortunately, light was not enough, so some of the images are blurred.
The allegories represent the seven virtues and, to fill the free eight place, Unjustice was put next to Justice.

The images feature the polygonal halos that can be seen in the so called Charles VI Tarot.

Prudence, Hope, Justice, Unjustice
Temperance, Faith, Strength, Charity

Re: XIV century Allegorical Frescos from Tolentino

Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote:I'm not sure I can make out what is going on in "Injusticia". Is the haloed figure cutting the other one's ear off? If so, who has committed the injustice? I imagine the figure without the halo would be the bad guy.
Good question, that is one of the strangest things in those images :)
I think an haloed man is cutting the throat of a woman. I would say that the halo in this case is extended to "allegories" in general, not only virtues (?).


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