Tarot Noir - A new Marseille inspired tarot

My friend Robyn has just announced a new deck inspired by the Tarot de Marseille.
http://tarotgoodies.webs.com/apps/webst ... how/899935


It's a limited edition, (only 100 copies), handmade deck that is getting a lot of raves in the past few days since it was made publicly available.


I love the work by this artist, who has made several other decks in the past that are always quite popular. It's playful, but captures the essence of the cards. This tarot is called the Tarot Noir, and is, surprisingly, a monochromatic version of the Tarot de Marseille. I thought I'd let everyone know as it seems to be selling quickly.
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Re: Tarot Noir - A new Marseille inspired tarot

One to me too. I had no idea it was a full deck, now I am even more excited! (I had assumed it was a trumps deck)
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