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Very nicely presented, Debra!

...and it does not read as though you are codifying what is or is not ethical. Rather, and fairly, you are presenting your own limits (mine would read that I would not normally read for a minor) within the context of the specific laws of the land in which you reside (in which there are legal constraints on providing legal, medical and financial advice) - all this with a positive contribution as to what and how you will strive (and important word, that one!) to work.


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Your 'disclaimer' is perfect...that is something I think most tarot readers need to explain to new clients. Bravo.

The ethical 'OMG no way would I read about this or that' make me nuts.
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If I could give specific financial advice based on card readings, you'd better believe I'd be rich. And all my friends, too.

I think the idea of having an ethics statement *somewhere* -- even though it goes unread -- shows serious intent.

I never even imagined that someone might ask me to use Tarot to help them harm another. The possibility was raised by the shop owner. Once she mentioned it, I didn't have to think twice. It hasn't come up, perhaps because this is a "love and light" kind of shop.

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jmd wrote:
Nicole wrote:The ethical 'OMG no way would I read about this or that' make me nuts.
The main problem is that there is nothing 'ethical' about a statement such as 'OMG no way would I read about this or that'. Rather, a personal preference or legal constraint masquerades as though ethical considerations have been thought through.
One can’t dismiss a question, or refuse to answer it, without knowing who is asking it and why.

I had a 70 years-old lady who came for a reading and asked for a way in which she could put an end to her doctor’s marriage. She was basically asking for a potion or spell. Now, this woman is married, so, I had to ask why would she want to destroy her doctor’s marriage. She told me her husband is diabetic, and that she and her doctor have always being ‘very close’. She always thought that in the event of her husband death she would marry the doctor because she couldn’t bear the thought of being alone. But the doctor got married recently to a younger woman, disrupting her plans.

As you may see in the above case, the real issue her is the client’s fear of being alone, not the doctor’s marriage. Therefore, any course of action has to be focused on ‘the issue behind the question’. Some times we can actually help. Some others we need to acknowledge our limitations and lack of certification and refer the person to an specialist.


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So, have you figured out how you're going to get rid of the doctor's wife yet?
"...he wanted to illustrate with his figures many Moral teachings, and under some difficulty, to bite into bad and dangerous customs, & show how today many Actions are done without goodness and honesty, and are accomplished in ways that are contrary to duty and rightfulness."

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Agreed and Agreed.

Of course we can choose not to read for anything we like but we won't have clients eventually if we only read for high moral people who act rationally LOL.

I think in your example EE, I would have had a hard time not laughing....or on the flip side be sad at how convoluted and pathetic her thinking was. I think you nailed it of course by getting to the real issue, but the initial question is wacky..
I see a difference between answering people who are acting less than high minded and helping them achieve those goals...
I am not a psychologist and don't present myself as one, but I do think it is our place to help people, at those times, in what way we can, to find for themselves a better answer by presenting options when we read.

The hardest thing for me is keeping myself out of the reading.
I read around the forums about how it is all about the querent etc which sounds high minded and is true in a way but not completely true. If it was all about the querent they wouldn't need us...the reader's interpretation is certainly part of the process.
The hard part I am referring to, is how tempting at times to say "I don't need the cards for this are 18 years old, your boyfriend is one of many to come" . That is not what I am there for... and I don't say that of course, but it is hard to listen to some people and not smack them upside the head.

You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.
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It depends on the local laws for wherever were dealing with. There are a lot of laws against divination out there on the books, mostly local laws. A few years in philadelphia ((Where I live) while cleaning up the city of the "rif-raft" for the 2008 Republic Convetion Then Mayor Street used a 30-year old law to clean out any psychics he felt were dirtying the cities image. ... n-psychics

(The city has also closed down a majority of the strip clubs and is currently in the process of running the buisnesses and establishments run by LGBT out of the city as well)

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