Re: Game of Tarot at reasonable price!

I looked for years and only found the typical US $300 price-range. If you look on, there are even places in the US selling it for 670 EUROS!!! that is insane.

This means that all one has to do is set oneself a range, and look periodically. I hope someone snatches this one up. As for me, I've still about 80 euros earmarked for tarot/playing card/game books, and I'm being stingy with it.

Before Christmas, Michael noted a copy of Moakley for sale, and when I looked I found almost every copy was reasonably priced, and, as I had some money, I began a spending spree on long-sought-after books... the last installment being a couple of weeks ago, after about 20 books.

There is nothing left in my price-range (Patch, some odd reprints from the 16th century, Hind, etc. being just out of my reach), but I keep an eye out.


Re: Game of Tarot at reasonable price!

**** I would love it ...but i too have been on something of a spending spree, starting with Enter the King several weeks ago and including as yourself Moakley and several others...

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