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Jeu de cartes numérales : jeu de cartes, estampe / Maître des Cartes à jouer --- 1435-55
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Titre : [Jeu de cartes numérales] : [jeu de cartes, estampe] / [Maître des Cartes à jouer]
Auteur : Maître des Cartes à jouer (14..?-14..?). Graveur
Éditeur : [s.n.] (Rhin supérieur, entre Constance et Mayence)
Date d'édition : 1435-1455
Type : image fixe
Type : estampe
Format : 40 est. : burin ; 14 x 9,3 cm (cartes)
Format : image/jpeg
Description : Référence bibliographique : Hébert, 4-46
Droits : domaine public
Identifiant : ark:/12148/btv1b7200358m
Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Estampes et photographie, RESERVE BOITE FOL-KH-25 (1-2)
Relation :
Provenance : Bibliothèque nationale de France
Date de mise en ligne : 12/12/2011

Some of these cartes I've never seen ...


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The friendly author of the webpage gave notice about the existence of his report. The text refers to the translation of Ross Caldwell in 2004 of Martiano da Tortona's text to the Michelino deck.
The content is a complex hypothesis, according which the central figure might be a representation of Giovanni Cossa, who brought the Michelino deck to Isabella de Lorraine. It has its interesting aspects ...


Giovanni Cossa heraldry with a human leg

St. Eligius was the saint of the goldsmiths ...

St. Eligius was involved in a horse story ...

.. the leg of the horse is important

The goldsmith picture above was associated with St. Eligius before.
A celebrated masterpiece of Northern Renaissance Art, this painting was signed and dated 1449 by Petrus Christus, the leading painter in Bruges (Flanders) after the death of Jan van Eyck.
1449 is the date, when Cossa transported the cards.

Biography of Petrus Christus:

Well, this looks interesting enough to think about it.

The representation has (for the moment) small errors in details, which we possibly can repair easily.

The author was invited to our Forum.

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Thanks to the thread "The Keir Collection" and the users variantventures and Ludophone ... ... ost4973631
... there are some early Islamic playing cards to see and the cards of Budapest ...

Islamic cards, Keir Collection (3 pictures) ... =3&theater



Tarot cards, Budapest


Tarot Fool
fill the field "keywords" with "Tarot cards", 34 views are available, pictures are enlargeable


The thread links to this post of MikeH ...

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The Budapest sheets have their interesting points. Here is one ...


reference sheet: Kaplan II. p. 276, clearly from a Tarocchi sheet (Group 2, according Kaplan)
... it seems to be a musician, and the upper part is a riddle, not recognizable


reference sheet: Kaplan II. p 277, not clear, if it is a Tarocchi sheet (Group 3, the card has other other neighbors on the sheet). The size seems to be different.
... it is a musician and he drinks from a cup. It is the page of cups.


from another sheet (group 3), now with more colors

The sheets of group 3 have an interesting knight riding on a large bird ... an ostrich, as far one can recognize that.

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Huck wrote:I'm not sure, if this is already known ... text with a note of "Tarocchi" from 1539.

Dialogi piacevoli. - Venetiis, Joannes-Giolitus de Ferrariis 1539
Nicolo Franco
Joannes-Giolitus de Ferrariis, 1539 ... hi&f=false
Andrea Vitali wrote a text to it ...

Dialogi Piacevoli - 1539
Nicolò Franco, nemico dell’Aretino e amico di se stesso

His private short commentary:
The life and writings of Franco are much more interesting than the step on tarot.
The passage speaks of a soul of a soldier who does not have the money to give to Charon to be ferried beyond the Acheronte, because all his money has been lost, both in bed with children, both with whores and finally in playing cards.
Speaking of tarot, the soldier says that he never had the cards in his hand, neither the Angel nor Devil nor the treacherous Justice.

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Found by "R" at aeclectic ... ... ost4983862
Arabian playing cards on ivory ... /f16.image
"Tarots Arabes prints sur ivoire (Grandeur naturelle)"

Titre : Fonds Emile Prisse d'Avennes sur l'Egypte : Iconographie. Dessins, estampes, photographies (NAF 20434-20443). « Art arabe : Dessins : Monuments non égyptiens, 3 »
manuscript "27-VI-3." ... ? date ? = year 1795 ?


I found this ...

Images of ivory playing cards bought in a Cairo bazar by French traveller Mr. Émile Prisse d'Avennes (1807-1879), during his visit to Egypt in the period 1827-1844. He identified them as Persian by the style and quality.

Further picture in the article:


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I stumbled about the note, that Nicolo dell'Abate painted a Tarocchi scene on a fresco in Bologna 1540-50.


... a large picture: ... onviviali/


It contains only pip cards. Andrea Vitali once reported ...
In the Palazzo Poggi in Bologna some frescos painted by Niccolò dell’Abbate (1512-1571) represent men and women engaged in diverse pastimes. One shows them while playing cards, of which the Six of Coins and of Swords and the Four of Staves are easily identifiable; but since images of triumphs are missing, we don't know if the game was tarot. Bartholomeo Crivellari, from these frescos, created some engraved copies inserted in the work of Giampietro Zanotti, The Paintings of Pellegrino Tibaldi and Niccolò Abbati, printed in Venice in 1757.

Another dating of the picture spoke about 1550-52.

Nicolo dell'Abate went to France in 1552, a possible importer of the Tarocchi game to France. ... l%27Abbate

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