Re: CORRECTION: tarot poetics Jan 28th 2012

Dear Pen: many thanks for yr query - do let me know if you've any more questions. Meanwhile, please find info below (!)

TAROT POETICS @The Poetry School, London

28 Jan 2012, Open to all, Workshop,Tutor: Karen Whiteson

‘The tarot cards are a machine for the construction of stories’ (Italo Calvino). Taking your cue from this, you will explore the mysterious imagery of tarot cards and use it as a basis for generating ideas for poems. You’ll also look at texts by T S Eliot and Anna McKerrow, who have each, in very different ways, used the tarot as a way of tapping into the arcane as a source of poetic inspiration.

Date: Saturday 28th Jan 2012
Time: 10.30am - 4.30pm

Full cost:£63.00

0207 582 1679


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