New Book: The Secret of the Tarot

"THE SECRET OF THE TAROT: How The Story of The Cathars Was Concealed in The Tarot of Marseilles".
the book looks at the historical events and personalities surrounding the demise of the 13th century cathars, along with their spiritual messages, and its connection to the developement of the tarot trumps. the author also interprets the images of each card within this context.
soon to be available. you can preview parts of the book by going to:

Re: New Book: The Secret of the Tarot

thanks for your interest, debra. one of the things i hope readers of this book will find interesting is not just the historical background, but more so the way the interpretation of the cards' imagery fits into that context. this, of course is open to interpretation, but it's an area in which i have enjoyed investigating.

Re: New Book: The Secret of the Tarot

Hello all,

Two days ago I just received my exemplary I ordered 11 days ago.
I started reading it.
For one time an english written book is talking about Tarot of Marseille pattern deck: A not so frequent moment.

Salutations from France Marseille

Yves L M
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