Re: Worthy links that do not divert traffic

Lol you have my arms akimbo teapot! Only mine has a different hat! And I have Cookie jar to match- so there!
I have nothing to add in the way of sites...wait wait.....I have this one It is a blog. A good blog by Steve something or other :D
Because I am totally one-eyed and biased- there is this..... ... 613378.jpg

Other than these- the rest are well known especially that Tarot Studies one posted by an independent purveyor of class and distinction above.
The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
Eden Phillpotts

Re: Worthy links that do not divert traffic

On behave of the Staff I'd like to clarify that links away from this site are not only allowed, but even encouraged. (God knows, we've all certainly had just about enough of this place as it is.)

Obviously the "jokesters" who started this thread had spent a bit too much time "sampling" the brandy.

your servant,

Re: Worthy links that do not divert traffic

Well, we weren't that bad really, were we? I'm sure there were far worse test threads involving mermaids and dolphins that were deleted before we launched?

Nice to see you back JMD. :clapping
The Tarot will lose all its vitality for one who allows himself to be side-tracked by its pedantry. - Aleister Crowley

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