Must have decks? And licensing

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Must have decks? And licensing

Postby nharris on 03 Jan 2011, 20:56

Hello all,

I'm Nikki Harris and I work with, a new website offering free tarot reading software.

Currently, our site only features the Rider-Waite deck, but we are looking to expand to at least 5 decks in the near future to give readers a choice of decks.

I'd love to have your opinions on which decks would be best (most accepted, classic) to pursue licensing for. Alternatively (since our site is a free service), any decks you know of in which the images are in the public domain would also be much appreciated. I'm specifically confused about the Thoth deck's copyright, and have received various feedback on this.

Many thanks in advance for your expert opinions,
Nikki Harris

Re: Must have decks? And licensing

Postby Reese on 04 Jan 2011, 19:00

It is my understanding that the OTO recently renewed their copyright for the Thoth deck, so that would would be off-limits. US Games attempts to do the same ((or claims copyright at least) over the RWS) but the OTO is a completely different ball of wax.

I am no expert sonsomeone please chime in and clarify a bit here!
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Re: Must have decks? And licensing

Postby Wishing on 22 Nov 2011, 15:27

Have you looked at the Mythic tarot pack? The images of this deck are very simple, clear so may fit well.

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