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Ah, dear Robert, thank you so much for the lovely words (and the link!) @};-

The Wild Green Chagallian Tarot is making its way out into the world right now, and although not at this very moment historical (and therefore not of passionate interest to most here), perhaps it will be one day... (*)

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Re: The Wild Green Chagallian Tarot

Well, as I mentioned to Pen privately, I can't afford this beauty but I ordered a biography of Chagall on inter-library loan. I hope it turns up one day.

I'm afraid they were never able to get The Color of Melancholy for me that Steve mentioned in another thread. I knew they'd never get it--an obscure university press edition, hardly something they're going to make an effort to get in Deadsville here.

However, I have great hopes for learning about Chagall. Thanks to Pen for that.

I did mention this tarot to someone else Pen who then went wild over the Mystic Rubaiyat, so you never know.

Re: The Wild Green Chagallian Tarot

Pen wrote:
You'll enjoy Chagall,
I hope so, I just got the book from the library yesterday and I'd asked for extra time on it because it's so large, but they didn't give me extra. I'm bummed out but I couldn't afford to buy it so I shall have to make do. I'm notoriously pokey when reading biographies, but I prefer to assimilate the information slowly, it's not like dashing through a murder mystery in a couple of days, you know?

One thing: a photo in the book seems to indicate that his daughter Ida did some painting (not sure if she ever pursued it) but that's another detail I was interested in, as well as Bella.

p.s. What a fabulous biography. I got about 70 pages in today and I feel this is going to be absolutely fascinating and easy enough to read in 3 weeks.

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Just finished it:

Chagall : Love and Exile by Jackie Wullschlager ISBN 9780713996524

Excellent. I knew nothing of the man so it was fascinating. Highly recommended, particularly if you own the magical Wild Green Chagallian deck.

I didn't realize that he did so many book illustrations. While they haven't found all of his 100 gouache paintings for the Fables of La Fontaine, they have published a book with the ones they found (about 40-odd.) That would be interesting to get as I have the translation of that with Grandville's illustrations and another with translation by poet Marianne Moore. I love to compare translations of things and with artwork added to the mix and I'm in heaven.

They mentioned in the book how the archetypes of the Fables appealed to Chagall, which is much like tarot archetypes.

I find it difficult to reconcile myself to the financial constrictions of Pen printing a full 78-card tarot deck. You have such great ideas Pen. Thanks for the impetus to learn about Marc Chagall, it really was magic for me. That's one of the things I love about cards, the learning about a subject, author, or artist. "Deep magic from the dawn of time" to use a phrase of C.S. Lewis.

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Hi cadla,

I must read Love and Exile - thanks for the ISBN.

Glad you enjoyed your time with Chagall. Re. lost work, there was a lot of that - paintings left with a dealer who sold them on while he was in exile. But he was prolific, and the later work survived.

As for a 78 card deck, I'm not sure I have the stamina needed for such a long project, plus I keep being distracted by ideas (and this forum!). But I'd like to make a tarot with court cards one day - that just might be financially possible. Like you, I love to learn by immersion in a creative project.

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy...

Re: The Wild Green Chagallian Tarot

Just checking back Pen.

I'm not too up on tarot blogs and forums and such, preferring to keep to myself mostly, but I would be interested to see people using this for readings, daily draws etc. Anything like that you could point me to?

I notice a lot of people who start blogs let them die off, and it seems a shame because that's the place where you can sort through a deck and really use it. Hey, there's an idea--someone with a good collection could do a daily draw using Majors-only decks--don't think I've ever seen that.

There must be someone wild and green out there. I'd love to see this deck in action.

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