Re: Lollio and Imperiali (1550 ca)

marco wrote: It is not clear to me if Imperiali interprets trump XV as the Sky, Hell or Lightning (going “ from the luminous sky down to the dark centre” of the earth).
It reads to me going 'from one extreme to the other' that we move from the the celestial (star, moon, sun) subjects of the sky, to that of the infernal, hell (or hell's mouth) ? But I suppose it could also be lightning, seen as connecting the two extremes, the higher to the lower? (This would be more cognate with Piscina perhaps? Fire as the mean between the celestial and mundane: "After the Demons, comes Fire, as the due mean between the stars, that are celestial, and mundane things..."

In his description our poet also seems to be agreeing with Lorredan; he starts with the world, but not with God, for God should be left out of it, because it would be an insult to name God in a game.
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