The Hermitage and Misrule Mockery & Monstrosity

I wanted to share a pair of websites with you that I enjoy visiting. The first is a blog by an artist named Rima who specialises in medieval marginal art. Not only does she produce really wonderful art, but she lives what appears to be a rather fascinating and nomadic life.

Here is her blog:

The other site is based on her dissertation:

I love her work, I hope you enjoy it too.
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Re: The Hermitage and Misrule Mockery & Monstrosity

I like her black and white stuff--would love to see more card decks with black and white illustrations, they are my favourites as I prefer illustration to painting or collage etc.

I had a bit of trouble due to the huge size of her pictures on the blog. I get charges for bandwidth between 4 pm to 2 am so unfortunately it's not practical for me to view more than a couple of pictures on her blog. I couldn't find specifics on her marginalia which is one of my interests so I'd like to see it. One of those things--not everyone is on unlimited high speed Internet.

She's got a lovely old-world European feel to her artwork. She has also sold many prints at Etsy--nice to see someone's artwork is successful.

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