Complete translation of the Steele Sermon

I only now noticed that, thanks to SteveM / Kwaw, a complete English translation of the Steele Sermon (Sermones de Ludo cum Aliis) is available on Tarotpedia: ... _Cum_Aliis

The Sermon is the earliest known source listing all the twenty-two trumps.
I think the Sermon is a great read. The monk who wrote it made a great used of demonic images, the result makes me think of the literary version of a Bosch painting.
There are many details that are worth considering. These two are connected to recent discussions on this forum:

* the Sermon mentions the games of Falcinellus, Tertia and Quarta, that are also mentioned by Ugo Trotti

* the Sermon identifies the World trump with God the Father; this has been recently pointed out by MikeH, and it is also relevant to our discussions about the Tarot de Marseille World card and Jesus Christ.


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