Re: Temperance

Huck wrote:
16 Mar 2020, 08:53
Thank you.

Likely nobody in Europe and 1650 knew the word Kundalini, but caduceus (a symbol of peacemaking Herolds and diplomats) is a good idea, especially since 1648 peace had returned for many persons (Westfälischer Friede).
This topic has been discussed elsewhere - I will see if I can find a reference - someone has noted that the oft-reproduced images of the supposed chakras to be found in Gichtel's work Theosophia practica could easily have been based on the descriptions and illustrations found in the works of Athanasius Kircher, China Illustrata, if I recall correctly.

[This is dealt with in passing in Soma: The Divine Hallucinogen by David Spess.]

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