Books of Fortune and Dreams?

I've just finished reading Isabella D'Este, A Study of the Renaissance, by Julia Cartwright, mentioned by Huck in relation to its reference to playing cards on this thread.

In Volume 2, Pietro Bembo visits Isabella in 1537, and after returning to Padua writes to tell the Duchess of Urbino how much he missed her at Mantua. The author goes on to describe the treasures Bembo would have seen.

With what keen delight he must have turned over the pages of illuminated manuscripts of Petrach and Boccaccio, and examined those curious Books of Fortune and Dreams on which the cultured ladies of those days set so much store!

Now I'm curious - the books mentioned at The Hermitage, More than a Game don't seem quite right, and a search (in both English and Italian) has revealed nothing that does, although I could easily have missed something in Italian - any ideas?

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Re: Books of Fortune and Dreams?

Look at the Lorenzo Spirito article ...


... there is for instance ... ... a_1482.pdf

Also of importance is Sigismondo Fanti (1526) and Marcolino da Forli 1540/1550 ... and German variants, which are many.

Of special artistic value: ... 47/images/
Pambst (1546)

Of card playing value: Losbücher with playing cards

A Triumph of Books

Hi, Marco, et al.
marco wrote:See also the Game Books at the Warburg Institute: ... ctions.htm
Although I dread the endless new Tarot myths that will almost certainly be spawned by opening these books, I have to recommend the collection of texts this site makes available. There are not only some great trionfi in the festival books, (Henry II's is my favorite) and other expected finds, (as in the "Game Books" collection), but there are even some cognates for the Popess (in Icones Symbolicae) and Hanged Man (in a book of martyrs) tucked away in these books.

This collection is a gold mine of sorts... if only the miners can distinguish the golden parallels from the pyrite and other tailings.

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Re: Books of Fortune and Dreams?

marco wrote:See also the Game Books at the Warburg Institute: ... ctions.htm
I see that now also Triompho di Fortuna can be downloaded.
Ditto, MJH's recommendation, a fantastic resources: for festival books see also ~

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