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Re: Welcome

Postby Solora on 10 Nov 2012, 20:58

Greetings! I began my journey with Tarot about 12 years ago with Mr. Crowley and his Thoth Deck. Roughly 3.5 years ago I switched things up and began using Norbert Losche's Cosmic Tarot deck. It wasn't long after that I did a workshop with the Raven Greywolf on the subject of the cards looking at two Major Arcana a week, comparing the versions of each card in our own decks with each others decks and the waite deck and painting each card. While all that experience was fine and dandy I feel like it's merely been the warm up introduction and it will take a lot more study and experience before I'll really paint versions of these cards that I can be satisfied with. I've been reading the Origins of the Tarot by Dai Leon and it was through my curiosity about the author that I found this forum. I'm really excited about this forum and the delightful information I've seen so far. Looking forward to learning and growing with y'all. *tips hat*
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Re: Welcome

Postby marco on 11 Nov 2012, 12:25

Wellcome Solora!
Around here it's pretty quiet at the time, but I am sure you will find a lot of interesting information collected on THF during the years. If you have any specific historical questions or ideas you want to explore, just ask :)

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Re: Welcome

Postby robert on 12 Nov 2012, 16:14

Hi Solora,
Welcome to the forum!

Are there any areas of tarot history you'd particularly like to learn more about?

I hope you enjoy your visits here.

cavete deos
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Bonjour Solora !

Postby Yves Le Marseillais on 12 Nov 2012, 16:15

This serious place will give you high quality informations and no doubt that if you need any advises re books, decks, museums, editors, facsimiles, specific item around tarot world, you will find good answers here.

First of all feel free to POST without any doubt about your supposed level of knowledge:
We are ALL students and seekers all life long anyway....

Salutations from Marseille City Capitale of Tarot

Yves Le Marseillais :fool
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Welcome, Giordano

Postby Huck on 19 Dec 2012, 12:17

Welcome, Giordano

It's nice to see you here

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Re: Welcome

Postby Licorne on 12 Feb 2013, 16:05

I'm not very new here, I registered a while ago but I never quite participated or posted. I figured it was about time. I'm very interested in the Tarot and its history so when I found this forum I knew I had to join. :ympeace:

Re: Welcome

Postby marco on 12 Feb 2013, 16:52

Welcome Licorne :)

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Re: Welcome

Postby Oudler on 06 Mar 2013, 11:22

I've long been interested in the history of Tarot cards yet I'm new to this forum. Some of the best Tarot blogs refer to this forum.
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Re: Welcome

Postby Cláudio on 14 May 2013, 04:18

Greetings all,

I'm Brazilian, 46 years old and studying tarot since 1985. My main interest in the tarot is with reference to Crowley & Harris Tarot (technically known as Thoth Tarot). I keep a blog specifically about this deck that is published in bilingual, Brazilian-Portuguese and English.

Nevertheless, my focus right now is to reference the new discoveries on the origin of tarot.

Anyway, thanks to Robert for this opportunity and also Lothar (Autorbis) from trionfi.com. I would like to send a hug to my dear Italian friend Giordano Berti and also to Alain Bougearel. I do not know if Andrea Vitali is here, but if he's on this forum sending another big hug to my dear friend Andrea as well.

Well, I hope to learn and contribute to topics of interest for this forum, so go ahead.

Best regards.
Cheers from Brasil.
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Re: Welcome

Postby Huck on 15 May 2013, 11:56

welcome Claudio,

a good start to the recent new discoveries is the "local search engine" of the forum (see menu). The keyword for the oldest use of the word "Trionfi" is now since January 2012 "Giusto Giusto", cause the man "Giusto Giusto" presented a worthwhile Trionfi deck (from Florence) to Sigismondo Malatesta at September 16, 1440.
So suddenly Florence has now the oldest document ... this new document is accompanied by the researches of Franco Pratesi, who has its focus on development in Florence ... so "Pratesi" is a keyword.

Well, this is really much material. There are now more than 100 Trionfi documents between 1440 and 1462, 2 years ago it were about 35. The new documents come mostly from traders and the decks are much lower in the price than those in the earlier available documents. However, they are higher than the cheapest decks (normal playing cards).

We have for ...

"cheapest decks": about 1 Florentine Soldi

"cheapest Trionfi decks": about 9 Florentine Soldi, known for the first time in 1449

"cheapest Trionfi deck from the earlier documents": 20 Florentine Soldi, for the first time noted 1442 as sold by a Bolognese merchant in Ferrara (all other decks were much more expensive in Ferrara)

1 Florentine Soldi has 12 Denari, 20 Soldi are a Florentine Lira; 4 Florentine Lira are 1 ducat, but there are different ducats, some have about 5 Lira.

9 Soldi is still rather much for the income of a humble worker ... but a middle class income could reach such a noble item.

There are in the moment not much Trionfi documents from the period 1440-49, there are much more for 1450-59, maybe the relationship is about 1:10

Most of the documents are from the business of two "silk dealers" (keyword). The documents from these go from 1431 till 1460. One list consists of sales. Another sort of lists, which is the larger part, are decks, which were acquired by the silk dealers from various producers ... so there we get the names of producers. The Trionfi deck notes are embedded in a much greater part with other forms of playing cards, totally maybe 7-10.000 decks.

Another trader was Bartholomeo Seragli (1455-58), who had a specific artist "Filippo di Marco" working for him. These are very expensive decks, which are comparable to the Ferrara products.

Another trader was the Puri family, active 1447-49 (no Trionfi decks).

The Lapini family traded cards from 1415-22 and between 1453-55 (in the latter phase with Trionfi decks.

Further there are with very few documents (occasionally only 1) and some new articles to a very early trade in Arezzo (since 1400), but with only one late Trionfi note.

Further there are documents from the Roman custom register, which promise in near future a lot of further data. For the moment we only know of 8 Triunfi decks in 1453, imported by Giovanni of Pistoia, and then documents since 1463 (one relates to an import of 309 Triunfi decks in 1463).

The "309" is especially remarkable, as earlier known deals had maximal 12 Trionfi decks and in one case 13 decks. Another deal from Florence to Venice (1462) delivered 96 decks. So one might consider, that around 1462/63 there is some change in either production or trade, which made then high-number-deals possible.

Generally it looks from the current material, as if there was a Trionfi card production peak between 1452-1455, possibly the period after 1462/63 presents the begin of a new peak.

Franco Pratesi's major list for the silk dealers (acquire list) gives a good view, what you might expect:

Well, this all rather complicated. If you've specific questions, please ask.
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