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Postby Hector on 25 Sep 2014, 18:16

I have gone through some posted messages and seen big names in Tarot research and history here, which makes my humble self feel rather more humbled.

Anyway, without any such credentials, I´ve been writing on the history of the Tarot for quite a number of years but have not yet published. I am currently revising the text, and polishing, polishing, polishing...

I have adopted a very comprehensive view of all that is known with some degree of certainty, taking into account old and new bibliography. I have delved into the symbolic meaning of the oldest cards in the self-explanatory way that stems from the figures and the details in them, referring to the historical context and to then already extant pieces of art that were known to the artists who made the first cards. I go through the changes introduced in the iconography -and meaning- by later cardmakers (notably, the Vieville and "Marseilles", on one hand, and then the English Occultists, on the other) also referring to the new historical contexts, to show how the original meaning of the Tarot became so enigmatic.

I also explore the past to present evidence of what might have been the prototype of the Tarot, which apparently came from outside Europe -as also did the common playing cards about a century before.

I provide full details, credits, references and bibliography in appendices, so that the final text might be of use for anyone wanting to dive into deeper waters, even if I write mostly for the uninformed or, as it is called, "the general public".

Given the breadth of my endeavour I think I will find something of interest in most of the postings here. :ymhug:

Regards :D


Re: Hello!

Postby robert on 26 Sep 2014, 06:50

Welcome to the forum Hector.

What struck me when reading your introduction is your mention of tarot originating outside of Europe, did I understand that correctly? If so, that will certainly be a topic for discussion as I think I'm not alone in seeing tarot as a very European invention.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Best wishes,
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