Tracing my own Deck

So, I was told that you can have a really "powerful" deck of Tarot cards if you make them yourself.

At first, I was going to look at some decks and just draw cards by looking at them, and then I realized that most cards are very complex and it'd be quite difficult to say the least.

I really like the look of the Rider-Waite deck and what I'm planning on doing is purchasing a deck and then using a light-box to trace the cards onto my own 3"x5" cards using a fountain pen and black ink, then coloring them in with crayons as I see fit. Laminating the cards might complete the process, I haven't decided on that yet.

I want to ask you all: What do you think of making your own deck? What version or revision of the Rider-Waite deck would you consider best to use for tracing?

Re: Tracing my own Deck

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