Now all 78 images of Jean-Pierre Payen deck are available!

About a month ago I made a request to Beinecke Library at Yale University, and to my great joy it has been granted :D

At last we have access to pretty fine (about 800 X 1,500 pixels each) FULL-COLOUR images of ALL THE 78 cards of Jean-Pierre Payen deck!! ... efault.asp
Enter the number '2466' in the' Recorded ID' field in the ADVANCED SEARCH, and behold...

Thanks to this, I feel something I've long been suspecting is nearly cleared up;
now it seems quite likely that the clothes of J-P Payen's BATELEUR too has 5 buttons on it, just like Jean Dodal's...

And I have got more confident that this deck deserves to be given higher place than Dodal as the earliest Tarot de Marseille I specimen...

My fellow Tarot de Marseille lovers, let's celebrate. Yell for Yale! :-bd

ein Sorgenkind des Lebens:-)

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