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Chosson Full Plate Set for Collectioners

Posted: 23 Mar 2013, 10:49
by Yves Le Marseillais
Hello happy collectioners,

I am considering to offer possibility for you collectioners to get very limited edition of sets of two sheets full plate edition of François CHOSSON 1736 facsimile deck I recently issued.

This two sheets sets are sized as following:

54.5 cm high 72 cm wide

Backs are printed as original decks of course.
Colours, lines, size, paper weight/aspect; everything reflect facsimile edition.

I have printed only 50 exemplary of this two sheets sets and will keep some for my own pleasure and use (framed on my walls, specific conferences I gives about tarot history).

If any of you feel interested, just PM me. :ympray:

Yves "collectioner" L.M

Yves Le Marseillais

Nul n'est au dessus de l'obligation de dire la vérité.
Nobody is above obligation to tell Truth.
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