Thursday 13th December 2012

Hello all,

I have just received today a very fresh VIEVILLE facsimile.....
See SIVILIXI website: ... e-vieville

What a WONDERFUL work !!
As collectioner I am really very satisfied by general quality of this reproduction:
Colours are very attractive:
Reds are....... RED ! yes we can.
Blues are..... really BLUE and that change all.

Ect.... Nothing more to say about this point except that it help me to start really appreciate this tarot.
A non Tarot of Marseilles Pattern.
How is it possible for such a Tarot de Marseille geek as me ? (Bertrand stop laughing please ) !

Answer: Because quality is here, respect of dimensions as well, colours (see above), black lines are very good too.
Card stock: Heavy enough let's say even if with such large cards I personally would have prefer some more grams added to paper. But I am an extremist you know.

Very very close to original dimensions cards give more "power" to this deck.
Original is 125 X 70 mm (Source: Tarot Art & Magie 1984 Exposition CATALOGUE Thierry Depaulis)
This one is 126 X 69 mm
1984 Boechat/Héron is 121 X 61 mm

Cards are very well slipping and mixing cards will be very easy.
Silky finition is also my preference: I hate glossy cards you have been warned...

May I officially congratulate here, Patrick COQ the publisher of this superb deck.

Tarot amatores and all beginners must estimate lucky to have now possibility to obtain such a good facsimile: Hat off and welcome in the limited Club of facsimiles producers.

I rise my glass:Champagne !

Yves REYNAUD said Yves Le Marseillais

Tarot of Marseille Heritage
Personne n'est au dessus de l'obligation de dire la vérité.
Nobody is above obligation to tell truth.

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